Question ONE and Question TWO

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THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT questions so please read carefully and make sure your respond correctly and of course no plagiarism at all.

EACH question must be answer separate and do not mix other work with it please.

SEE THE attachment below to answer these questions and please look at the requirement carefully before you want to help


Answer the following question in a micro-essay of at least 250 words. Double-space your response and in text cite (direct quote or paraphrase) the epic poem at least twice to support the credibility of your own arguments.

How are the concepts of good and evil presented in Beowulf? Do these concepts reveal anything about what may have been the prevailing values and customs of Anglo-Saxon society and culture?

this is Question 2

Answer the following prompt question in a micro-essay of at least 250 words. Intext cite the poem (either directly quoting it or paraphrasing) at least twice to substantiate the merits of your own arguments.

Beowulf is the archetype of the dragon slayer, the hero who faces death in order to save a threatened community. Does Beowulf remind you of any heroes in real life, in fiction, or in the movies today? What characteristics do these heroes share?

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