Social Psychology

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*Each question is to be answered in an essay*

Format: Please answer the two short-essay questions below. Each question should be answered in 3-4 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman font, Size 12, with regular margins.

Question 1) System Justification Theory (from the attitudes chapter of our text – chapter 7), asserts that people are motivated to see the existing sociopolitical setup as fair, desirable, and legitimate. Outline some examples of this in America, and how it has contributed to some of the social issues (e.g., race-relations, climate change, law enforcement, political polices, etc.) that we are experiencing.

2) Based on our persuasion and memory lecture, discuss whether you would support psychotherapy that alters or deletes parts of people’s memory in order to help with issues such as trauma and PTSD. You may present pros and cons of both arguments, but take a stance as to whether you think its fair game or in the end should be prohibited.

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