Assignment 2 (weeks 1-6) Writing assignment

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Please write an essay according to the information provided below. Your essays should be two pages in length and follow the general requirements for formatting.

You are the Director of Health Programs at an organization that focuses on diabetes awareness, education, and policy development. You’ve been elected Chair of a Community Advisory Board on Diabetes (CABD) that consists of a health educator, a policy analyst, an outreach coordinator, a community representative living with diabetes, a caretaker, a social worker, a primary care provider, a podiatrist, a nurse educator, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietician, a medical supplier, and students studying public health, social work, and dietetics and nutrition.

A recent community needs assessment indicated adults with diabetes were not having an annual foot examination. CABD wants to propose a new initiative on increasing the proportion of adults with diabetes having an annual foot exam and is asking your organization to take the lead in implementing the initiative.

  1. Explain the process by which your organization will incorporate a new initiative within existing programs to increase the proportion of adults with diabetes who have an annual foot examination.
  2. What method would you propose for CABD and staff to be involved in the development and selection of a vision and a mission statement for the new initiative? How will the initiative be promoted to staff, the community, and health care providers?
  3. Describe the manner in which you will select and inform a staff member to manage the initiative as an added responsibility to their current duties.
  4. How would you engage members of CABD to be comfortable in sharing their ideas, thoughts, and suggestions during each phase of the new initiative?

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