Complete Counseling Psychology Discussion Post

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Read chapter seven and answer the three follow-up questions from the ‘Person-Centered Therapy Applied to the Case of Stan’ on page 197 (in the older edition) or 193 (in the newer edition). For the new edition choose three of the five questions. Respond to two classmates responses.

Self-Reflection and Discussion Questions

1. To what degree do you believe clients have the ability to understand and resolve their own problems without a great deal of advice or sug- gestions from a therapist?

2. Thistherapyapproachplacesconsiderableimportanceoncongruence (realness or genuineness) on the part of the therapist. How confident are you that you will be able to be genuine in your interaction with your clients?

3. The therapeutic relationship is given prominence in this theory. What kind of relationship do you hope to create with your clients? Identify the characteristics you deem most important.

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