Create a PowerPoint Presentation that Promotes Your Program

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As the director of your own early childhood development center, you have
been given an opportunity to give a digital presentation that
highlights your program at a job fair attracting the best and brightest
in your field.

Using PowerPoint or a presentation software of your choice, like Prezi, create a presentation that sells your center and includes the following components:

  1. purpose, vision, and mission statement
  2. a summary of the prominent theories and how they drive your administration, curriculum, and assessment
  3. a description of your facility that includes the typical
    classroom environment, materials, and equipment in use to promote the
    health, safety, and curricular goals of the students
  4. essential job functions and competencies of qualified candidates

Your presentation must include direct references to your text, specific
NAEYC standards, and at least two other scholarly resources.  Your
presentation should also be formatted according to APA style, as
outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Please remember that this is not a paper, but a succinct presentation. 
Therefore, you will need to supplement your presentation with additional
details that you would likely share in an oral presentation.  These
details can be included in the notes section if you use PowerPoint, or
submitted in a document along with your presentation if your software
tool does not provide an area to include notes for your oral

In addition to content, your job fair presentation will be graded on its
presentation qualities.  Be sure to consider your audience as you
create a presentation that is engaging and reflects the child-centered
environment you wish to promote

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