primary source

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a PDF containing two documents; one titled “Document 4: Booker T. Washington on Racial

Accommodation” (it begins on page 95). Read the document and then answer the fou


questions which follow it on page 97. Then read “Document 5: W.E. B. Du Bois on Racial

Equality” (it begins on page 98). Read the document then answer the four questions which

follow it on page 101. Please type the name of the document you are answeri

ng as well as

the questions. For example, write at the top of your page “Document 4” then type each

question along with your answer. Then type “Document 5” and once again type and

answer all four questions. Be sure to have your name on the paper. Remem

ber your paper

must be at least 900 words in length (this includes everything

the questions and your

written answers), it must be typed, and double spaced, and free of grammatical and

spelling errors (this should be an example of your best work). If you

quote passages from

the primary source document in your paper, be sure to cite it with a proper Chicago style

questions and reading are listed below 900 word or more including the question Chicago style

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