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Hi, please use the following textbook for the paper. APA style and references. Min 2 pages + references

Title: Marketing

Authors: Roger A. Kerin; Steven W. Hartley

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill

Edition: 13

ISBN-13: 9781259573545

Students are to review the following information about the Toyota’s environmental commitment.

Background on Toyota

Toyota’s Environmental Plan

Instructions for paper:

Based on the information provided above as well as internet research, put yourself in the position of a marketing consultant brought in to Toyota to formulate a set of well-developed and supported recommendations for moving Toyota’s environmental plan forward. You will be presenting your recommendations to the company’s senior leadership team. Your recommendations should be based on a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of the Global Vision, Principles, and Earth Charter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on its prior marketing strategies. The recommendations should be logically presented, well-supported, and thoroughly vetted.

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