Week 2 Discussion – the Need for Change, management homework help

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Week 2 Discussion – the Need for Change

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After watching your first three videos, 1) Who Moved My Cheese (this is a video for some and a pdffor some), 2) Barriers to Change – How I repaired my own Heart, and 3) Miss Ernestine, discuss the need for change and some of the barriers to change. What inspires us to change? What doesn’t? What lessons can we take away from these three videos and share with others?


This Discussion Board is an all or nothing assignment. You either receive full credit or none at all. There is no partial credit. To receive ANY credit for the discussion board, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Do NOT describe or restate the content of the discussion reading or video. Instead, choose a few key points that you find interesting/important and elaborate on those points in your discussion. Do not answer the questions in the topic as a list. Answer in essay form.
  2. A minimum response is 250 words.
  3. Every response must be completed in APA style. That includes all citations, both in text and reference, and format, given that Blackboard sometimes changes the format when you post. This includes indented paragraphs, font size, and other particulars that you will find specified in the APA manual. The course shell contains an example of a paper written in APA style. Also, the APA style manual is a required text for this course. Discussion boards do not require cover pages, tables of content, and other front matter, and can be copied and pasted from a draft page, such that attachments are not necessary.
  4. In your writeup, be sure to cite at least two scholarly or peer-reviewed resources – using the proper APA style. Our library allows you to choose these settings to help you find appropriate research to support your work. In addition to the several articles and Web Links in this shell, you can use materials from our library. Do NOT use Wikipedia.com, wiki-anything, about.com, how.com, answers.com, blogs, or any other generic answer base, because you cannot verify the accuracy of the information on the website. Instead, search our extensive library databases.
  5. Technique counts, so be sure to proof read your posts for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other technical issues that can impact communication quality. If you are not a strong writer, you can contact the Writing Center for help toward improving your work.
  6. Again, if you do not meet all of these requirements, you will not receive any credit for the discussion board. Below, you will see a checklist that will help you insure that your work meets graduate standards and decreases the likelihood that you will suffer oversights.

DB Checklist


Did I discuss rather than describe the original content?

Is my post 250 words or more?

Did I cite the original content as well as two scholarly sources to support my work?

Did I support my discussion with reliable sources only?

Did I integrate course and text material?

Did I adhere to APA style?

Did I respond to two other students in their discussion boards?

Did I respond to all questions and comments in my discussion thread?

Was my initial response posted by Saturday?

Did I proofread and make corrections prior to posting?


Barriers to Change – How I repaired my own Heart
https://www.ted.com/talks/tal_golesworthy_how_i_repaired_my_own_heart (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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