For Part 1 and 2 write 150–200-word responses.

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For Part 1 and 2 write 150–200-word responses.

Part 1


Dividends are adjusted in the market value of the stocks. If someone invests for pay outs; he/she would want to invest in stocks that pay dividends. Dividends represent the distribution of corporate profits to shareholders, based upon the number of shares held in the company. Organizations are investing in by people who wants to see return profits; every organization does not pay dividends, profits maybe kept as retained earnings that will be re-investment in the company and its growth, giving investors capital gains. Most growth companies keep their earnings but well-established organization payout in dividends. Your only reason for purchasing stocks shouldn’t be based on dividends because the return of the stock isn’t affected. Some mutual funds do cater categorically to dividend paying stocks. The dividend is part of the generating profit of the business; as a gratitude dividend are paid to the investors. The organization management will determine how dividend payments are made in accordance with the organizations direction it wishes to go.

How and Why Do Companies Pay Dividends? (…

Dividend Stocks | Better Investing


Nearly half (48.8%) of the stocks in the S&P 500 Index offered a dividend yield of at least 1.90%, as of December 16, 2019. Meanwhile, 10-year U.S. Treasuries offered a yield of 1.87% on that same day though of course payouts from Treasuries are guaranteed while those from dividend-paying stocks can be reduced or eliminated at any time and without notice (Schwab, 2020).

Dividend-paying stocks can be especially important to retirees. “As health care costs continue to rise and bonds offer nominal yields, retirees need a way to help offset inflation and rising expenses,” says Bill McMahon, a senior vice president at Charles Schwab Investment Advisory. For myself and in thinking of long-term financial goals seeking stocks with payouts that I can immediately put back into the market to gain either more shares or other shares is the real benefit I look for. This shows that the companies I chose are in good financial health and are on trend for growth.

Yes, there are mutual funds that cater to/ emphasize dividends. High-dividend mutual funds not only generate income but can also lower risk in an investor’s portfolio. The permission or origin of the dividend via the board’s agreement on the cash amount to be paid to the shareholders, both individually and in the aggregate. The board must also set a record date to determine which stockholders are entitled to receive the dividend, decide on the payment date, and notify the stockholders.

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Part 2


“A Last Chance Agreement is a deal that is made between an employee and employer in order to avoid termination of the employee” (Howlett). This agreement is usually in the situation of a huge conduct violation and this agreement is essentially something so that the employee mat keep their job. Under normal circumstances, a Last Chance Agreement is structured so the employee agrees that they engage in another incident or misconduct during the time period the LCA is set, the employee will be fired immediately. I agree with the conditions of the last chance agreement, I see as an opportunity for employees to earn back the trust of their employer and get them on the right career path. Personally, I think that each employee should get three strikes when it comes to misconduct of an employee. It is important for employers to give their employees the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to right their wrongs. After the third offense, then a Last Chance Agreement would be negotiated if circumstances dictate that being the case. In terms of disciplining an employee, I think on the first offense there should be a conversation explaining what went wrong and why, then making sure that the employee understands that what they did was wrong. On the second offense, I would include another conversation accompanied with a paid leave of absence from the job for a week. After the third offense, I would make an immediate unpaid suspension for two weeks with return being optional. At that point we will begin to negotiate the Last Chance Agreement if the employee wishes to return.


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As someone who’s worked since the age 16, yes I do believe in forgiveness. Everybody has once been new at a job. You might have started in a brand new position that you have never been familiar with, or you are the new person entering into a new a new career field. “Last Chance Agreements (LCA) are agreements between an employer and an employee and/or a union that gives the employee who has committed serious misconduct one last chance to keep their job. … In some cases violation of the LCA results in an employee losing their job (Ossi, n.d). The article also mentions that companies like to use this step first, before having to go to arbitration. As we learned in last week’s readings, Arbitration can be costly and time consuming.

I feel bad for employees when being terminated or let go from a job. Sometimes this can hinder you from getting the job of your dreams because some employers only see that you were terminated. I was terminated at age 29 and it was the only job I had been fired from. I was devastated, and it was something I never thought I was going to have to tell someone during an interview and or application process. This is why I am big on forgiveness. You never know the history why someone might have been fired and in some cases wrongfully terminated. I was wrongfully terminated and this happens all the time, and employees don’t know what to do. I had to fight my case just to get unemployment. Forgiveness can allow for growth and some of the best employees a business has, is that one person they gave a second chance to. If Employers do go this route, what’s an ideal number? I can not say because everyone’s patience is different. I have seen people get fired at the drop of a hat, and get their jobs right back. The union usually would be where you want to go to before the termination even happens.

Disciplining employees take patience, consideration and understanding what the company’s policies are. Sometime reiterating the companies policies are, and giving management’s expectations of behavior on the job is all that is needed to discipline employees. Other ways may be suspension without pay, or sent to additional training on the areas they are not up to speed on. This week’s readings speaks about the LCA being an agreement for the employee to change their behavior. Its gives the employee a chance to keep their job. However, if they continue with the same behavior they can be terminated with no representation by the union (Fossum, 2015, pg 481). I feel that if an employee is given a second chance to improve, they should do their best to the right thing and do their job. If they are unhappy, it’s better to resign and leave on a good note, than to be fired.


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For part 2 use the attachment which is chapter 14 and for part 2 (a) and (b) cite the book with in text citations with page numbers.

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