peer reviw 3

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this is the instrcutions what the proeffsor said :

I expect a good peer review to be at least 2-3 page

Please think carefully and creatively in coming up with suggestions for how Matthew can improve his project, and in particular what changes (if any) he should make to identifying, explaining, and measuring independent and dependent variables.

In your review, start by explaining, in your own words, Matthew’s basic argument. What are his hypothesis, units, and independent and dependent variables?

In your review, please think creatively about any suggestions you have for how he can improve his paper in the next version.

Please think specifically, however, about how he operationalizes his variables. How does he know that, for example, one country has more “anti-Americanism” than another? What kinds of measures are appropriate for comparing across different cases? What sorts of context does he need to include for each country in order to make sense of these measures?

Similarly, consider the logic of how he defines and measures the independent variable. Are the measurements and descriptions of trade agreements sensible? What counts as a “trade agreement” in a world where the U.S. has a trade agreement (the WTO) with virtually everyone? Are some trade agreements more “trade agreementy” than others?

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