What Would You Do As Dictator?, sociology assignment help

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As dictator of a poor Developing World country, you
summon your most loyal and trusted economic, military, and political
advisors to discuss the dire conditions of your country. A large
underground movement has sabotaged some of the key public works like
bridges. Terrorist acts are frequent. You have dealt with this problem
as best as you can. Rich countries want to extend credit to you for more
armaments, but you’ve heard talk that your neighboring countries, with
whom you have a guarded peace, want to talk to you about mutual
strategic concerns. There are economic sectors that can be better
developed but might need some monies that have been largely slotted for
more weapons purchases from developed nations. Developed nations want
you to purchase weapons, but you know that they are not top of the line
defense weapons. You have pressure from the aristocrats and military to
act on their behalf to make things better for them, but you know that
perhaps a populist approach may reap more stability.

A. Who addresses the problems for the poor in your country?

B. How influential (and in what ways) are countries like the U.S. in these matters?

C. Could there be resentment to countries that supply aid and supplies to Developing World countries?

D. What would it take for you to need as a dictator to try to provide fairly for your people?

E. How can you address the problem of terrorism in your country?

F. What beliefs, values and norms would you need to rely on to solve this problem?

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