Read then State in your words how eyewitness evidence impacts a case, law homework help

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For full points, address the key concepts, make specific comments on the example in the case study, and add your own insightful comments. Your response also needs to include factual support from the assigned reading. Pages 25-33.…

Review the case study and the information on observation in the chapter. Then state in your own words how eyewitness evidence impacts a case.

Three wrongful Convictions

In August 2003, charges were dropped against two men who were wrongly identified and imprisoned for 27 years based on a faulty eyewitness account. In 1976, Michael Evans and Paul Terry were tried and sent to prison for the rape and murder of nine-year-old Lisa Cabassa. They were convicted on the testimony of one purported witness. Recent DNA tests proved that the men were not guilty of the charges. In a Florida case, death row inmate Frank Lee Smith died of cancer in January 2000 while in prison. He was convicted in 1986 of the rape and murder of an eight-year-old child, even though no physical evidence was found. He was found guilty largely on the word of an eyewitness. Four years after the crime, the eyewitness recanted her testimony, saying she had been pressured by police to testify against Smith. Despite this information, prosecutors vigorously defended the conviction and refused to allow Smith a postconviction DNA test he requested. After his death, the DNA test exonerated him.

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