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  1. How much was spent on advertising in the USA in 2017? Cite sources.

2. Describe 4 of the fastest growing areas in advertising? Cite sources.

3. What is the relationship between Advertising and Brands? Cite a source(s)

4. Short Answers Define or describe the following terms:







5. Short Answers: Pick 5 people talked about in the text or lecture notes and describe their contribution to advertising. (Cite sources)

6. Longer Essay: Describe in detail 5 techniques that can be used to make an ad effective. Be specific. Refer to theory, techniques and examples. Cite sources from the book, lectures or videos.

7. Short Essay: What is illegal in advertising or commercial speech law? Describe 4 techniques that are considered illegal. Cite sources.

8. Short Essay: What is the difference between international ads and global ads? Give 2 examples. Cite sources.

9. Describe 3 types of Internet ads discussed by the IAB Full year in 2017.

see page 12-16

The textbook called Altstiel, T. & Grow, J. (2017). Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, Design. 4th ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

History and evolution of advertising – Advertising History Timeline

Law & regulation

Advertising agencies

Issues (demographic changes- singles, African Americans, Hispanics, Boomers, Matures, GLBT, children, niche, Asian Americans, religions).
Read Chapter 4 and review slides under course content on blackboard. Alstiel4e_PPT04.pptx

Consumer persuasion: behavior, decision, learning, perception, persuasion & influence

Target market and market segmentation
Demographics,VALS2, Prizm


Look at recent data from the Census on one group-singles, married with children, African-Americans, Hispanics, seniors, or average income by state. or Pew-

Advertising research

Best ads

TV ad rates for 30 second spot – TV news & industry data

Nielsen Audio (radio) ratings

Why Radio Fact Sheet (RAB)

Look up some media kit for a major magazines

Media Planning Important to read this for CPM.

Webby Awards for online and social media

Google Ad Words Google AdSense

Some CPMs for Social Media

Geo-fencing for Mobile Ads

Boone, G. & Secci, J. & Gallant, L. (2007, May). Emerging Trends in Online Advertising.
Revista DOXA Comunicacion: Revista Interdisciplinar de estudios de Comunicacion y Ciencias Sociales, V, 241-253.

9 best social media campaigns

Internet advertising


Advertising forecasts

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