Asian Urban Overpopulation:

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See the file for more information plz:

  1. Go to YouTube and watch:

  1. Using the given sources, write a 6-paragraph paper (3 pages maximum; points will be deducted for not following instructions) answering the following questions:

1. Where is Chongqing? And why is it “unknown”? (4 points)

2. Why is this city growing so large in such a short period of time? (3 points)

3. The social structure of Chongqing includes “princes” of industrialization at the top and an enormous number of people at the bottom. Who are these people at the bottom? Where do they work and live? (4 points)

4. Within China, Chongqing is famous for its rapid growth and its corruption. What kind of corruption? (3 points)

5. To fight Chongqing’s corruption, China’s federal government sent Bo Xilai (sounds like: bō shē lī) to Chongqing to be its Party Secretary. Bo was known for being an old member of China’s communist party and also being hard on crime. Do some independent research and find out what has happened to Bo and his family since the BBC documentary was made in 2010. (3 points)

6. Do you think that the desired “openness” will occur in Chongqing within the next few years or will they have to wait 20 years? Please give reasons for your answer. (4 points)

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