ENG 112 annotation

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This assignment will help you to analyze, summarize, and evaluate various types of research material. An annotated bibliography is your works cited list, with added information for each source. In addition to the citation, each annotation should include a concise summary of and evaluation of each of the sources. Each annotation should be a strong paragraph (about 150 words), double spaced. The annotations should be alphabetized by citation, just as you would alphabetize your works cited.


  1. Before you begin the assignment, click on the learning resource “What is an Annotated Bibliography and How do I Write One.” Also review carefully “How to Get Started With Your Argument Essay Research.”
  2. Create an MLA formatted Annotated Bibliography that lists and annotates at least FIVE independently researched scholarly and/or critical articles on the topic you are writing about. Credible sources may include, scholarly articles, newspaper articles/ editorials, news organizations such as NPR, CNN.
  3. Save your document as a Word or Google docs and submit it as a file upload.

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