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This assessment task invites you to explore the startling global success of Korea’s pop music industry in recent years as well as address trends and debates in global music markets. Attached to this is a copy of the case study titled, “Factory Girls”

Write ONE individually researched 500-word case study analysis investigating the business model of Korea’s pop music agencies.

  • In exploring this case, you should outline the competitive strength of Korea’s pop music industry in the global music market.
  • What does your analysis tell us about the likely viability of Korea’s pop music business model over a long period of time?
  • Based on your analysis, provide (a) clear and compelling recommendation(s) (e.g. theoretical and/or practical implications, limitations, future directions) for Korea’s pop music agencies to sustain competitiveness in the industry.

Please use a journalistic writing style similar to that used for news reporting in media such as newspapers, radio and television. You can find journalistic writing guides here and here

    • Offer relevant evidence to support your point of view or opinion.
    • Make consistent use of thorough referencing and clear bibliographic detail

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