Op-ed assignment about fake news

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You can talk anything about fake news, but not means to talk about generalities fake news. You need to express your opinion about a particular case. So that, find a specific case about fake news, than express your opinion about it.

Op-Ed Assignment:

Length: min. 250 words max. 500 words


– The aim is to write a reasoned and fact-based personal opinion on one topics discussed in the course.

Things to take into consideration:

– The theme is deliberately open-ended so that you can choose your specific angle to tackle the question.

– You are free to argue whatever you want as long as:

. a) You provide arguments, evidence and facts to support your position.

. b) Your argument does not include “hate speech” , which is speech that incites hatred against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or the like.

. c) You must address counter-arguments in your op-ed. For example, if you’re arguing that online dating is bad, you must counter the people who would say that it’s good. If you’re saying that video game depictions of women are sexist, you must address the arguments that people have already made for why the damsel in distress trope is acceptable. If you’re saying that UCSD needs more athletic advisors, imagine someone in the administration telling you that “we don’t have money for that.” You should anticipate this resistance and preemptively respond to it in your pieces.

– You need to provide both EVIDENCE and DATA to support your argument.

(a) This evidence cannot be anecdotal, or draw from secondary and partisan sources.

(b) If you are basing some of your argument in a news article (or another op-ed) you need to identify the primary sources for that article and make sure that the article has not misconstrued the argument for its purposes

I have attached more details, and there are some good examples to write a good Op-ed. Please look them carefully.

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