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It is instruction for the case report. It is 1 page(single space) case report. the Analysis section need to be ½ page. Problem section need to be 1/8 page. Alternatives section need to be 1/8 page in the table format. Recommendation and plan section need to be 1/4 page.

It is also instruction for the case report.you are required to be prepared to hand in a 1 page (single spaced) individual case report for that case. It should be single spaced (12 point font). Some guidelines are attached as Appendix I. I use a 0,1,2,3 grading scheme in evaluation these individual reports.It is explained in Appendix II. I do not provide much detailed feedback on these reports. Instead, I will provide feedback in the form of acronyms, which are outlined in Appendix III. If I find that you have plagiarized any single individual case, you will receive a grade of 0 on this section of the course

It should be one page. It is feedback for last case report,Focus on the feedback for this case report. For the implementation include critical items to consider or monitor for the solution. Focus on FP for the alternatives and FA for the information summary.

I need you to write the alternatives section in the table format

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