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For this assignment, create a checklist you might use when conducting a 3-Minute Walk Through during instructional supervision. Using this tool generates an unofficial document that is designed to assist the teacher by serving as a resource for improving instruction. It can also be used to conference with the ineffective teacher. The resulting checklist provides you with a productive outcome of a visit, instead of encouraging you to just stand and watch passively as teachers teach. Depending on the purpose and desired outcomes for teacher assessment, this type of assessment method could be adapted to apply to your own work setting. If you intend to use such a checklist, be sure to share it with the teachers so that they know your expectations.

You have two tasks to complete for this learning assignment:

Part 1 Should be 4 pages

  1. Design a checklist that you can use on a 3-Minute Walk Through. Think of other items that you might add to the checklist beyond those noted above. Create your own design; make it so that it is easy to use and can be shared with a teacher for de-briefing following a supervisor’s classroom visit/observation. Be sure your checklist includes the following components:
    • Student engagement
    • Teacher is using a variety of teaching methods to reach all students
    • Teacher is asking questions to the whole group, not just part of the group
    • Teacher is circulating/answering individual questions
    • The teacher checks for comprehension of class work/homework
    • The teacher provides positive/constructive feedback
    • Subject content
    • Are students enjoying the lesson
    • Any additional areas of supervision you wish to include.

    Pat 2 Should be 3 Pages

  1. Include a narrative indicting how you might use this tool as a pre- and post-assessment for teacher supervision.

Length: The checklist and narrative combined should be 7 pages, not including title and reference pages.

References: Minimum of five scholarly resources.

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