Update Aristotles virtues to better guide us toward eudaimonia in todays world.

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Aristotle’s virtues were intended to govern the activities of everyday life in Ancient Athens. He
says cultivating these virtues was essential for reaching eudaimonia in his society.

Things have changed a lot since then: slavery is outlawed and women have more rights.
Modern technology has changed the ways that we communicate, and it has also created a lot of
new activities. Perhaps if Aristotle were alive today his set of virtues would look a bit different.

Your task is to update Aristotle’s virtues to better guide us toward eudaimonia in today’s world:

  • Describe a virtue that governs a new activity of everyday life that is not present in
    Aristotle’s list of virtues.
    o Be sure to explain the emotions that this virtue regulates and why this virtue is
    essential for eudaimonia today.
  • Reflect on who is able to cultivate this virtue. Is this virtue only attainable by some
    members of society? Does your virtue reveal moral flaws in today’s culture?
  • How do we teach society to cultivate this new virtue?
  • Minimum of 2 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman
  • Cite sources using MLA format when appropriate

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