Complete 5 page anaylsis research paper on China, political science homework help

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This assignment allows each student to research and understand a state, its people, resources, challenges and standing in the international system. A citizen living in the 21st century must have some level of appreciation for other states in the world. At varying levels, people in all states are interconnected. This is due to globalization; the integration of markets, politics, values and environmental concerns across borders.


Research on your assigned state should consist of five to nine pages (in a WORD document), not including the title page, abstract or reference page. The entire paper should be in APA format.

A minimum of five sources should be used/referenced, with one a hardback book. Your paper should include an introduction, discussion and conclusion.

Your analysis should include:

  • Overview of the state
  • What is the global issue most impacting the state? Explain and provide what could be solutions.
  • The most important facts about the state.
  • What is the state’s position in the international system?
  • Your subjective opinion of the state.
  • Population of incorporated area (demographics), religion, ethnic groups, languages
  • Location and geography
  • Educational institutions (primary, secondary and postsecondary)
  • Major cities
  • Brief history
  • Structure of government and its leaders
  • Domestic Issues and Foreign Affairs
  • Resources, 2015 GDP, economy, major exports, major imports, major industries
  • IGO memberships
  • NGO/nonstate actors impacting the state
  • Military strength
  • Advantages/Disadvantages (Strengths and Weaknesses)
  • Human Rights issues
  • Health and environmental issues

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