Addiction In Adolescence

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Addiction in Adolescence Essay (Module 5: Week 5)In addition to your readings and presentations for this module, research at least 2 scholarly articles that discusses abuse of substances and addiction in adolescence. What is the current research saying about addiction/abuse, resilience in this population, and what interventions may counteract abuse of substances and addictions in this population? Also discuss how healthy spiritual development may affect the likelihood of use/abuse/addiction in adolescent years. Discuss local news coverage of alcohol or drug-related stories to adolescent use in your area. Give details on the prevalence of addiction based on your readings and the news stories. Are differing viewpoints considered, analyzed, and treated? Ensure that the conclusion contains a good summary of the issues treated and offers suggestions for further study.

you will write an essay drawing information from this course, scholarly articles, outside readings, and presentations for that Module: Week. The essays should be at least 600 words o Excluding the title page and reference page Please utilize current APA formattingThe essay must be strongly supported with 2–3 current, scholarly references References must be less than 10 years old. Acceptable sources include course materials, scholarly articles, outside readings, and presentations.

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