overview on using buying stages to purchase an aircraft, marketing homework help

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You are hired as an airlines marketing consultant to provide
all the major US carriers with process improvements in their buying process for
new aircraft. According to recent reports in aviation related publications and
newspapers, many Gulf-based airlines (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
Qatar, Emirates, and Etihad airlines) are buying the state of the art Boeing
787 Dreamliner or Airbus 380 to position their company for expansion into US
and Canadian markets.

Provide a hypothetical overview how an airline would use each of the four/five stages
in the buying process to purchase a new aircraft. Be sure to reflect upon how
this purchase may allow the airline to better meet the needs of the
customer. Note: Information on the stages in the buying process can
be found in the power point. In addition, numerous Internet sites
describe this marketing activity in detail. As always, be sure to cite
your source(s) in APA format.

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