27.Follow the requirements to write 500words essay.

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Read the following
questions. Write the answers to the questions, review your work, and submit
your answers. Be sure to integrate the key concepts and key terms from this
lesson into your answers.

The answer to each
question should be approximately 6 to 10 sentences in length. You should write
your responses in complete sentences free of spelling and grammatical errors.
Please compose your answers in a Word document, and then paste your answers
below each question in the space provided.

completing this assignment, review the
Grading Rubric.

1.Define self esteem and describe how communication can enhance
self-esteem. Why is self-awareness such a critical skill for improving

2.Within the various models of communication described in your text,
there are a few standard components (source, receiver, channel, context, and
noise). Think about experiences you have had with noise (or interference) in
the communication process. Write a unique example of noise for each of the
other components in the communication model (sender, receiver, channel, and
context). These four examples can be from different real-life communication
situations, but they need to be different from the examples in the textbook.
Select one of the four examples you provided and indicate how you could reduce
or eliminate the noise.

3.Metacommunication management is a three-step process. This
includes anticipatory, adaptive, and reflective metacommunication. Which part
of the metacommunication (anticipatory, adaptive, or reflective) process do you
think you implement best? Which one do you feel you could improve? Give
specific examples.

4.Describe the five characteristics of communication. Of these,
which do you believe has the most effect on your anticipatory
metacommunication? Why? Give specific examples.

5.DECIDE is the acronym used to remember the six basic steps that
you must consider when you make communication decisions. Step 1 of DECIDE is to
define the communication goal. Why would it be important, especially in an
interpersonal communication situation, to define the communication goal? Use at
least three specific key terms from this lesson in your explanation.


All the work has to be 100 percent original.

Any guides/existing papers you find on internet will definitely not be

Any kind of plagiarism will definitely not be accepted.

Please read all requirement very very carefully and make sure it follows
the instruction very well.

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