E-commerce Case Study

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Ecommerce Case Study


1. Do choose one of the ecommerce giants like amazon, Alibaba, ebay etc., rather small companies that are growing through ecommerce.

2. The case study should be at least 1200 words.

3. Collect material form at least 4 different sources for the company.

4. You can copy paste from resources, but this is a safe assign with maximum acceptable for submission is 14%.

Outline of the case study:

  • Title of the case study
  • Link(s) used: At least (4) Four
  • Description of the business and history/ key managers.
  • Challenges and opportunities the company has faced.
  • Competition
  • What they did to succeed or fail – Key turn around points
  • Figures indicating the success or fail of the company
  • Lessons learned
  • Question for discussion

Requirements in the case study:

  • The Type of company should bring interest of the case study
  • The case study report should focus on E-Commerce and Digital Marketing aspects
  • Clarity of written communication
  • Presentation of facts – challenges decisions
  • Argument in concussions and discussions

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