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If you are assigned as a Healthcare Purchaser…….

As a Healthcare Purchaser, your responsibility as a group is to create the various elements to assist the University of Maryland University College Medical Center (UMUC-MC) by selecting the most appropriate vendor. In preparation for the upcoming product demonstrations shared by the HIS/T Vendor group, create a Request for Proposal, a start-up budget extending into the first two years of the project, a vendor contract, vendor evaluation matrix tool to aide during the product demonstration.

Organization name, mission/vision, purpose, expectation of the adoption of an HIS/T and the initial two year budget as the initial investment.

So far we have this (BELOW) and my part is up next.

Organization Name: Robinson Purchasing Group

Mission/Vision: It is our mission to improve the healthcare sector by assisting medical centers in purchasing health information systems and/or technology (HIS/T) from top vendors worldwide.

Purpose: Adopting health information systems and/or technology allow medical centers to be a part of the rapidly increasing health care information technology system. The use of information technology in the health care sector has many benefits to not only the medical center, but also to health care providers, and to patients. Patient experience and satisfaction is of the upmost importance and it is our goal to ensure that medical centers are purchasing the best possible HIS/T available.

Expections of the adoption of an HIS/T (health information system/technology)

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