Week #4 – Chpt. 9&10

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Your response to each question should be at least one page long, maximum tow
pages. Use size 12 font and double spaced with maximum of 1″ margins.
Please no plagiarism, the instructor will check. Please use only original work. Save put questions on the same page.

There are two questions for this assignment. Use the following websites to
review and then answer all four questions for each website.

The Davis Group – www.thedavisgrouptx.com

Media Solution – www.mediasol.com

Zenith Optimedia – www.zenithoptimedia.com

1. There are three sides to the media business; planning, buying and
selling. Media planning and media busying are often in house functions at an
advertising agency, while sellers are those who represent the various media to
clients, agencies and media-buying services.

a. Who is the intended audience (s)
of the site?

b. What is the site’s purpose? Does
it succeed? Why or why not?

What is the company’s purpose?

d. Does the company specialize in any
particular segment (consumer, business to business, agriculture, automotive)?

2. Apply the creative process and the
various means of deriving and judging “good” advertising to the following
Websites, noting the quality of the creative and the strategic intent behind
the work. Be sure to answer all of the questions below for the following



World – www.seaworld.com

is the intended audience of the site?

is it that makes the site’s creativity good or bad? Why?

the “who, why, what, when, where, style, approach and tone” of the

an objective statement, support statement, and brand character statement for

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