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azza Stories aggregates insights so you can benefit from the collective knowledge of classmates, fellow students, alumni and employers. With Piazza Stories:

  1. Choose which classes to take.Lean on the paths of other students and alumni from your school to glean insights into which classes might be the right ones for you.
  2. Learn which career paths are out there.See what students like you go on to do, which companies they work at, which roles they pursue, which industries and company sizes they have affinity for, and which geographical locations they find themselves in.
  3. Connect with alumni and hear their stories.Connect with the thousands of alumni who used Piazza before you for their dozens of classes through college and are now out there in the real world. Hear what they did right and hear what they’d do differently.
  4. Get referred by your classmates.Employers are asking their interns and recent grads to refer their classmates by running searches on Piazza. Keep your profile up to date so your classmates can refer you.
  5. Get noticed and contacted by companies for employment opportunities.Companies are running searches year round to discover talent that without access to Piazza would go undiscovered. Build out a complete profile so you increase the chances of showing up in their searches.
  6. Know when companies are visiting your campus.Get notified via the events calendar when companies are visiting your campus or are publishing exclusive events. Do research

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