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It is difficult to read an article or listen to the news and not see or hear the term “sustainability”. Some companies have been proactive in their approach to promote “green initiatives” and have, by these actions, been ahead of the curve in terms of customer support. Ecological factors are now inextricably linked to the image of an organization, and sometimes even a country. As examples, Costa Rica has been promoting ecotourism initiatives for years, while, conversely, when the Olympics were held in Beijing, many companies were closed so that air pollution would not impact the experience of attendees.

Each student is asked to find a current news article from a reputable, business-focused source (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Kiplinger’s or Forbes) that illustrates a force in the external environment that impacts your industry. In this blog, post the link to the article and your analysis of what impact the specific force will have on your industry in the next year.

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