Preliminary Review essay

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Preliminary Review. this essay

Danial Dawood




Don’t Withhold Video Games


It is apparent that technology has changed the entertainment industry, however; I think it is affecting the society in negative ways. In Don’t Withhold Video Games by Jessica Robbins, the writer argues that video games do not contribute to antisocial behavior, violence as well as delinquency among young people. On the other hand; I believe that video games are to blame for violence among children because most of these games contain violent acts such as killings, shootings, and injuries which drive children to get involved in criminal behaviors (Jessica, P.3). Based on this; I tend to disagree with the writer when she says we should not withhold video games because they are destroying our children and are indeed a bad influence to them. Having said that; I can confidently say that the essay that I am critiquing Do not Withhold Video Games by Jessica Robbins is indeed quite ineffective because it lacks convincing facts and was shallowly researched.


Based on my research on this essay; I can say that the target audience of this essay is basically law makers, parents, guardians, as well as other government regulatory bodies. This is because these are the people who should be taking care of young people by showing them what is right and what is wrong to watch as well as play for a sober, saver, and prosperous community across the globe (Jessica, P.2). By passing on this message; the author hopes the audience would have a different perspective about the issue of violence in video games and learn to embrace technology and embrace it as part of the modern entertainment industry.

1: Identify and trace the author’s tone about the events and people in essay. Show the shifting tone by indentifying each.

Based on the story; I can say that the author’s tone (viewpoint, syntax) about the events and people in the essay we can say that her tone is optimistic because of the way she narrates her facts. Secondly; it is clear that the author’s tone does not change even without the article because of the way she lays her facts as well as drives the message to her audience. For example; when the author uses words such as bazooka rocket launcher and guns is being quite confronting.

2: Use of pathos, emotional appeals and ethos, appeals to authority and word choice.

The author has strong use of pathos, emotional appeals and ethos in this story. For example; this can be cited from the way she frames her arguments and support by arguing that technology has enriched us in many ways. By the way the author lays her facts; she is trying to persuade her target audience about why they should not withhold video games.

3: Does the writer use euphemisms? What is their intended affect on the essay’s reader?

The author uses euphemisms in more than a few ways such as the use of anti-social (rudeness, or bullies) and aggressive (hot tempered (Jessica, P.4). Based on article or essay writing rules; the use of euphemisms is to offer comfort or words of deceit in order to pass the message in a polite manner. For instance; the author uses these words to pass her message tot eh intended audience without making it look as a bid issue.

4: The writer’s logic. Do you notice and logical fallacies in the arguments?

The writer’s logic I can say was a bit persuasive and can be cited as a good argumentative essay. On the other hand; I did notice logical fallacies in the arguments such as when the author says “some argue there is research that indicates violent video games contribute to anti-social behavior”. This according to me is a fallacy because the author does not have sufficient evidence to support her claims.

Works Cited

Jessica, R. (2010). Don’t Withhold Video Games. Chichester: Wiley.

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