Starbucks analysis

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Please writer an Kotter’s 8-step analysis about Starbuck. Use Starbucks as the organization and Only analysis Step 4 (communicating the change vision) and Step 5 (empowering employees for broad-based action). Don’t pay attention to other steps. Relate with Starbuck situation and main problem that they faced. Only research and think about Starbucks in U.S.,don’t pay attention to global market. Single space and full page writing please. list references by APA style thank you. Read the Kotter’s 8-step related part from textbook (which I upload below) and use it to help with analysis.

Here are some about Starbucks’ problem and change: (please use those and also can add some new idea)


Major Change: Harnessing our competitive advantage

1) Remain competitive in the wake of industry changes

a. Threats – Kureg, other coffee houses, Fast-food chains

b. Solutions – Cut cost, diversify drinks, promotional offers

c. Potential push-back

i. Fear of job loss due to cost cuts.

ii. Fear of menu growth and memorization – especially secret menu.

iii. Fear of loss of bonuses that are depended on.

2) Enhance customer service model

a. Threats – convenience of fast-food options for coffee, lower expense of home brewing (Kureg)

b. Solutions – know names and drinks of regular customers, create a welcoming atmosphere, engage in conversation, enhance food menu, create multi-layered opportunities to engage across cultures and ages.

c. Potential push-back

i. Fear of job complication by needing to add to requirements

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