effect of testosterone-mediated increase via watching some form of competition on emotion/cognition/personality factor

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This needs to fulfill an introduction section of a bigger research paper. The introduction should include 4 pages of information.

it will be concerning: The effect of testosterone-mediated increase via watching/being apart of some form of competition on either some measure of emotion/cognition/personality factor, etc. Specifically, you will read some relevant scientific literature on the topic from academic/scholarly sources.

Based on the above description of the project, I am providing you with the GENERAL INDEPENDENT VARIABLE AND INDEPENDENT VARIABLE MANIPULATION (i.e. having participants watch/be exposed to different levels of competition to mediate testosterone level changes). YOU WILL CHOOSE THE SPECIFIC UNIQUE DEPENDENT VARIABLE (DEPENDENT MEASURE) THAT IT AFFECTS BASED ON THE RESEARCH LITERATURE (i.e. again, some operationally defined measure of cognition, memory, emotion, or even other measures the empirical research literature suggests that is impacted by testosterone modulation (e.g. personality)).

You can choose the dependent variable whether its cognition, memory, emotion, or a personality factor based on the research literature you choose to include in intro.

The first project will include the title page in proper APA style, Introduction, and References, which will be worth 90 points. For your experiment you will use, as mentioned, either class colleagues, family, friends, etc. You will use n = 9 in all, with 3 participants in each treatment condition).

My experiment includes 3 groups made up of 3 people each. Group 1 has to do two beginner weight-lifting exercises, group 2 has to do two moderate weight-lifting exercises and group 3 has to do two advanced weight-lifting exercises. That being said this paper should focus on the effect of different levels of competition to mediate testosterone level changes on one of the following: 1.) emotion, 2.) cognition or 3.) personality factors

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