lean six sigma_analysis phase

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In this phase, you will prepare several of the critical problem root cause identification tools commonly used in the Six Sigma Process.

  1. Prepare a Fishbone Diagram, listing the inputs to the process variability. In addition to the diagram itself, a description of each input and why it is important.
  2. Prepare Pareto Charts for the data you are being provided.
    1. Housekeeping Survey
    2. Guest Data
  3. Discuss the change(s) you are proposing to the process, and WHY you are making this change(s).
  4. Prepare a REVISED Flowchart of the process with the changes incorporated.
  5. Prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be used by the Front Office/Houskeeping departments to implement the changed processes.)
  6. 4 pages

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