150 word discussion over video on ted or youtube , 150 word , reply back to student #1

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Go online and find a video (e.g., YouTube, TED) related to: organizing information flows in an organization.

Summarize the video (150+ words) and end your post with a question for the class related to your comments.

To ensure credit for this activity, be sure to include the link to your video.

Reply with 150+ words to a question posted by STUDENT #1


The video “How will your organization capitalize on information flows” by Keith Holdt (2011) discusses the importance of information flow in an organization, and making good use of it to capitalize and move your organization forward. One of the first things he mentions is how fast technology and the way we communicate is changing, which also happens to be one of the biggest problems that CEO’s and executives face within their organizations. The companies that stand out the most in the market, are going to be the ones that have found adequate ways to manage the way communication flows in their organization. Holdt (2011) also states “If your in a position where you feel like communication flow is not adequate, you need to look at your organization’s capabilities and how you need to be communicating with yourself internally”. Holdt (2011) brings up a lot of great points in the fact that as managers we need to know what capabilities are at our disposal for communication flow in order to optimize and use what we have effectively.

Question for the class: Have you ever been part of an organization that didn’t utilize all of its communication capabilities? If so, how did that affect the organization?

Video link:


Holdt, K. (2011, January 13). How will your organisation capitalise on information flows?[Video file]. Retrieved from

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