4 Review Questions for an article

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Please Read the article then answer the 4 questions below:

For question #1 it has special format to answer the question and I attached an example how to answer question #1

Jonathan Swift’s Modest
Proposal (251-258)
was included in our text. This proposal is a classic, and once
you have read it, I am sure you will see why it has held its appeal.
Granted, Swift’s proposal is satire — and I would caution you against
using satire — but we can identify the components of a problem/solution essay.

having read/studied the essay, please answer the following questions/prompts:

Write a precis over the essay.(4 sentences) (Example of precis is attached)

What problem(s) Swift is addressing.

While he offers a satirical solution (you should have listed this/these
in your précis), he eventually suggests some logical approaches to the problem
— list the logical solutions Swift believes his government is ignoring.

List several (at least 4) advantages to his plan.

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