Siemens Company

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the paper is about Selecting a manufacturing and service industry. The service industry is ((( Siemens))). This could be an existing business with which you already have an association, e.g. via your work, co-op placement, internship etc., or a business you would like to start up. Identify all the essential elements to run this business on a day to day basis, which is the essence of operations management covered in this course. Study and research every aspect of this business in as much detail as you possibly can.The paper must be 15 to 20 pages. At a minimum, you need to cover the following aspects of the proposed business:

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Location planning and analysis (critical issue for service industries)
  3. Identify supply chain
  4. Forecast sales
  5. In regards to the products being made: Choose equipment, skill set of the workers needed, process, control equipment
  6. Determine layout of the equipment – design of production and assembly lines
  7. Set productivity standards
  8. Investigate the need for appropriate licenses
  9. Waste management plan
  10. Policy on quality assurance and control
  11. Production planning and scheduling
  12. Inventory management
  13. Cost, price and profitability
  14. Human resource management and training

Make sketches; build models where appropriate.

Write a final report based on this work.

The work have be 15 to 20 pages

Note: please it should be your own word and add preferences page at the end if needed.

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