ece497 week 1 intro RESPONSE a.b.

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In your response be sure to make a personal connection with something your peers shared. 150 words.

My name is Amanda Bowman, and I am from a small town in Central New York called Newark, and I am currently working as a daycare teacher at a local Head Start program. I work with a class of 2 year olds, and there is never a dull moment! I am the mother to a brilliant, loving, 7 year old boy named Gavin. He is the light of my life! When I am done with my degree (which is January!), I plan on staying a teacher with my toddlers until a position opens up in a preschool classroom. I would love to work with 3-5 year olds. This cartoon definitely fits my philosophy of working with children. I see examples of assimilation every single day in my classroom. The children at the toddler age use assimilation all the time. They assume that something is for instance is a cat, because it has fur, so everything with fur is a cat. I hope everyone has a great five and I look forward to reading your posts!

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