revise the research paper with comments

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revise the second draft of research paper with the comments and add 2-3 pages for the final draft.

1) Present your question right away in the beginning of your paper, explaining why your question is puzzling and worth examining.

2) In your question, you need to specify which time period you are interested in. For example, if the focus of the research is German economic development, what period are you referring to? 10 years right after WWII? or 1970s? Any specific year?

3) Decide the main thesis for your argument. In other words, what is your answer to your own question? What were the causes of German Post-war development? Aid? Specific policies? Leaders? Natural resources?

4) Decide the overarching structure of your paper to present your thesis in no.3 and follow that structure thoroughly.

Here is a sample research paper if you need.

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