Written Assignment – Character in the Workplace: Building the Perfect Employee

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For this week’s written assignment you are a manager at, Ad It Up, a
mid-size marketing firm. Over the last five years you notice that issues
relating to unethical practices seem to be on the rise. From minor
issues, such as employees calling in sick when they should have used a
personal/vacation day, to more serious issues, such as the inflation of
hours billed to clients, the incidences are trending at a higher rate.
In an attempt to curb these actions, the company decides to take a
stronger stance and terminate those employees flagged as being

Along with a heightened emphasis on training, a revision of the code
of ethics, and stricter enforcement of the policies, you have been
tasked with hiring three entry-level marketing employees to replace some
of the terminated employees. The company wants to attract employees who
are not only talented, but are ethical. You need to create a help
wanted ad that spells out the various virtues that you are seeking in an


Create a 1-page, help-wanted ad for an entry level marketing person. In your ad, provide the following details:

  1. Attention grabbing title
  2. A brief summary of the entry-level marketing position
  3. A list of the desired virtues applicants should possess. For this
    part, you will need to provide and explain five of the virtues covered
    in this week’s materials.
  4. Instructions for applying for the job.

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