Position Paper about the border war.

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here is the steps:

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
Detailed RequirementsTASK-RELATED SKILLS-10% (0 to 10 pts.) The formatting of the student’s paper adheres to the posted Template based on the agreed upon style for source attribution; the formatting details presented in the template are noted below:
Template Formatting
General – It: 1. is typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. 2. is double-spaced. 3. *has 1” margins. 4. has a centered title. 5. indents new paragraphs appropriately. 6. is consistent with academic format because it does NOT include things like emoticons, extra “!!!!” or the like. 7. is submitted with a .doc/.docx extension.
Specific – It includes the: 1. writer’s last name and page no. in top right corner. 2. student’s full name 3. instructor’s full name, spelled accurately. 4. course name and no. 5. date formatted according to the template. *The student’s name in the right corner of page 1 creates a ½” top margin, but is considered 1” when spaced down to begin the heading on the left.
Source Attribution Formatting
1. The source attribution in the Bibliography and/or in-text citations is included/is accurate (as required).
ORGANIZATION-10% (0 to 10 pts.) The student’s paper:
1. demonstrates a relationship (i.e. cohesion) among the ideas presented. 2. uses transition words, phrases, and sentences among the ideas presented within the paragraph(s); these transitional techniques connect ideas and lend to the paper’s cohesiveness.
THE APPLICATION OF COURSE CONTENT-60% (0 to 60 pts.) The student’s paper:
1. illustrated a topic that relates to Immigration, Consumption, or The Environment and Sustainability.
2. appropriately addressed Turnitin highlights before final submission or at instructor request.
3. included 1-2 paraphrases per page that were well integrated.
4. demonstrates comprehension of selected content.
5. evidences inclusion of rhetorical appeals.
6. includes:
a. an Introductory paragraph that has a hook and incorporates all other information required per the outline provided for this paragraph.
b. a Thesis Statement that clearly represents a debatable topic and contains three reasons.
c. 3 Reasons and Proof paragraphs that reflect each point of the thesis statement that is fully developed because it contains the information presented on the outline provided for these paragraphs.
d. at least 3 (1 per page) paraphrases that are appropriately integrated, and
e. a Counter Argument with concession language and a refutation that is logical and relevant and that embodies the requirements of the outline provided for this paragraph.
f. a Concluding paragraph that integrates the information presented in the outline provided for this paragraph.
LANGUAGE USE-20% (0 to 20 pts.) The student’s paper:
1. contains the appropriate use of grammar, vocabulary (word choice and form), spelling, and mechanics. 2. includes varied (simple, complex, and compound) sentence structure. 3. uses language in a way that does not interfere with comprehensibility. 4. is written in third person. 5. is written in the present tense, though uses past tense if referring to past research/historical data.

**I’ll drop a sample paper of this assignment in case you do as the sample.

**MLA format.

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