Part Two: Interactive Writing a Value Statement

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Week 3 & 4 Discussion: Part Two: Interactive Writing a Value Statement

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Part Two: Of the two strategies submitted in part one of this week’s assignment, start a discussion below by copying and pasting your preferred strategy and your exploration of the benefits, drawbacks, and values it encompasses. This should be the strategy that you indicated you would implement. Your original discussion post should be completed no later than 11:59pm on Saturday of Week Three.

Write a value statement for your own strategy and three of your classmate’s preferred strategies by replying to your or your classmate’s original post. Be sure to consider the values that your classmate states are underlying the strategy so that the value statement you offer adequately reflects your classmate’s professed values.

You are encouraged to use the Values noun bank and process that you learned in writing your Vision and Mission Statements in order to create your value statements.

Each strategy should have a total of four value statements – one from the original poster, and three from other classmates. If a strategy has four responses, including the original poster, you must choose a different strategy on which to comment.

You must post four value statements no later 11:59pm on Saturday of Week Five.

For your final portfolio, you will include your favorite three value statements written by yourself or your classmates that resonate with your practice vision. One of these value statements must be selected from your own marketing strategy. The other two may be selected from any of the value statements from any marketing strategy.

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