Dah 225 Discussion Board

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Please respond to ONE of the questions (350 Words)

  • How is the dance cipher useful/important to understanding Hip Hop culture and its aesthetics as tools of expression that “counter pre-conceived notions” of society? (Examples of how you might interpret this q: How does battling in the context of the cipher relate to democratic ideals of our nation? How does the cipher “protect and permit” freedom of expression (Fanon)? How is the cipher critical to creativity and innovation? How does the cipher combat “pre-conceived notions of society”? etc.)
  • How is Hip Hop challenged, critiqued, made possible, or destabilized by embodied performances (formal or informal) of Hip Hop dance? Choose a specific style(s) of dance b-boying b-girling, popping locking, vogueing, krumping, or others to talk about the articulate embodiments of each dance language. What does each specific style make possible? Destabilize? Critique? (Examples of how you might interpret this q:. How does vogueing critique normative gender roles? How do the origins of b-boying b-girling critique notions of gender, class, etiquette? How does battling allow for critique within hip hop culture? etc.

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