Final 8 page Rhetorical Analysis

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This paper is similar to the ones you’ve already written, but must be at least 8 pages, and must use at least 4 sources in addition to the essay you focus on.

Writing me an essay which is only a summary, or only focuses on the larger argument will have bad results. You must understand, and focus on, the rhetoric.

“RIP, the Middle Class” by Edward McClelland

You may analyze the essay a number of ways. Here are a few of the most effective:

Compare to other essays on the same topic by others. Sometimes you can find articles that

respond directly to yours, other times you will have to find pieces which are simply on the same

topic. Who is more logical? Who uses more or better evidence? Who is more fair? Who is more


Look, in depth, at the appeals (rational/emotional/ethical) that the author uses to make their

arguments. Are they fair, honest, persuasive?

Look at the logic used in the essay. Does the author use any logical fallacies? How do you know

it’s a fallacy?

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