1500 word research paper APA FORMAT READ EVERYTHING

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you will write a 1400-word research papers, each based on the prompt below.

you MUST also include at least three credible outside sources. The outside sources should be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals or reputable websites with .gov, .edu, or .org extensions. (Wikipedia is not a reputable source!)

Since the 1990s, reality television shows have gained popularity in the United States and across the world. These shows range from competition, dating, documentaries, famous people’s lives, and even strangers living together.

Most people agree that reality television is far from reality. The cast members are placed in staged settings, yet we accept these lies because these shows are entertaining. But the debate with reality television has moved beyond just the ‘reality’ of the production and to the message that the shows are sending. Often, people are cast into stereotypical roles, are asked to behave a certain way, and are edited to reinforce these stereotypes. In addition, many have criticized the type of people cast on reality television, believing that their beauty and wealth does not reflect most people.

Consider the impact reality television has had on society since its debut. For instance, what effect has reality television had on stereotypes, expectation of beauty, or competition? Using reputable sources and evidence to support your claims, research an effect that reality television has on society and explain the significance of its impact.


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