course project 1

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For Part 1 of your course project will be completing the first three columns from the 9-box template. Please click here for the template.


  1. From the list provided on the Course Project Overview Page, please select your topic and populate the form. (Note, if you are choosing a topic that is not included on the list, you MUST reach out to your instructor early in week 1 for a discussion on this. Your topic will not be approved if you wait until Sunday night to reach out to your instructor.
  2. Populate the form with the improvement effort, sponsor (this can be at your actual work site, somewhere you used to work, or hope to work). You will also want to fill in the Primary Customer.
  3. Complete boxes 1 – 3 (note: the boxes will expand as you type) and include any ancillary documents (graphs, charts, pictures, etc.) Please remember you but include MEASUREMENTS so there is a way to evaluate the difference before and after the intervention.
  4. Your TARGET state should be reasonable and based on current research.
  5. Be sure to include at least ONE credible source on an APA formatted reference page and to use in-text citations in your papers when you use the information from these sources.

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