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Learning Disability-“How Difficult Can This Be”

This assignment is connected to video by the same title. If you can not open the video a copy can be found on YouTube. It is called FAT City “How Difficult Can This Be?”, it is over an hour in duration. I have attached a link below. For the purpose of this assignment only the answers found in the video,”How Difficult Can This Be?”, Understanding Learning Disabilities, F.A.T. City Workshop with Richard D. Lavoie, are considered correct. Write a one page paper discussing the following: Address the following topics: How does a learning disabled child differ from a normal child? How are they the same? How did you feel when Mr. Lavoie created anxiety in the classroom? What is the difference between an associative and a cognitive task? What is the definition of fair according to the video vs. according to the dictionary. Why do you think that is? Write a one page paper on this video. I am looking for your personal objective thoughts on this topic in conjunction with what you learned from the video.

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