aware of Microsoft SkyDrive

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Each reply must be a minimum of 100 words. The replies must not just be generic statements or questions.


1) I have to say for me I was not aware of Microsoft SkyDrive after all my years of using Word. I have been using similar products such as OneDrive, Box and Google Drive to share, save and sync files to a “cloud” and then access them from any computer that is connected to the Internet. I honestly had no idea of SkyDrive I like the whole concept behind all of thees cloud based storage app’s for file sharing and storage. I like being able to create a file at work or home and the ability to access my same file at a later time and being able to access from my phone, iPad or any other computer, this comes in handy if Im starting on a work assignment in one place and need to pick it back up at a later date from a completely different device and finish my document. This happens a lot with work and school for me so its very beneficial and intuitive I am looking forward to this class and learning even more about Microsoft tools.

2) Microsoft Word is great for compiling a wide assortment of documents that you may need for everyday life or in business. Some examples of documents you could create are business or personal letters, memos, fliers, resumes, pamphlets, reports, etc. When you start a new word document you can choose either to start with a blank canvas or choose one of the Microsoft Word templates. Microsoft Word makes for a convenient application because documents can easily me shared or transferred to different devices via email, flash drives, hard drives, sky drives, or other devices. It is a good idea to establish a plan going into creating a document so that you know what kind of style and formatting you will be using to convey the proper image and message you are trying to share.

3) Microsoft Word offers an assortment of tools that can be used to fulfill all your needs for whatever type of document you want to create. There is a broad assortment of font styles, colors, layout settings, headings, graphs, charts, images, etc. You can create a document that has a professional and business like appearance or you can create one that is fun, colorful, and is eye-catching. These tools can be instrumental in assisting you in whatever your needs are and how you want your message to be interpreted. It is import though that you do not overuse the tools that are available so that you can be sure that the message itself is not lost amongst the design features.

4) Unit B

Lets talk about an issue we have been working on since the dawn of education.

SPELLILNG and GRAMMAR !!! <– Did You catch it?

Class, how does Microsoft Word help in solving grammar and spelling issues? Is there a scenario where you would not use this option? Is it automatic?

5) Unit B keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the many tools that I find myself using in Microsoft Word, simply for the ease of access and the quality of life. Having learned plenty of them early on, it isn’t a daunting chore to try and memorize and implement them regularly to force myself into having them available and I am thankful my original typing class did a good job of seeing it through! I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t regularly make use of the specific shortcut hot keys to try and get 3-4 under their belt, as it will assuredly ease up the process when it comes to creating their Word documents.

6) Unit c Drop Caps

Drop caps have been of use to me from time to time, I put it blatantly that I am a huge nerd. Be it trying to get other players of my games into character and printing out a large, ornate writ from a local lord or something of the sort, but never in day to day or professional life. I suppose if an industry had a very, very traditional style formal way to them that they could make use of drop caps but they always seem very overbearing. In a modern day industry, something like drop caps seem too out of place and unprofessional or silly even though it is certainly an attention grabber. I say this because seeing a drop cap in Helvetica is much different than seeing it in the Old English font. But, the question being if I ‘. . .think this feature can be used in certain industries’, the answer is definitely yes. Unique styles, making yourself just that little bit different and flaring up your letters or writings to your consumers could surely be a solid way to capture an audience.
I would be very interested to see if any of the other class mates have been in a position where the company that they work for has used drop caps regularly and unironically!

7) Unit D a good refresher

Margins have never been my strong suit, I’m not shy to say. I know how to format my paper to appropriate APA guidelines and that has really all I’ve ever needed! Formatting homebrew books uses website based coding and I prefer to use that and I’ve always been a stickler for things like these. Very thankfully, this chapter came sooner than later or not at all. One of the main subjects that I will be utilizing as a future format type for my papers will be the ‘insert citation section’ which is a fantastic way to utilize an already continually used in many papers. They do a fantastic job explaining it in the reading and the exercise for adding several citations to a paper with multiple already makes for a solid, real world possible scenario.

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