The Value of Diversification, writing homework help

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Post a comparison of corporate strategy versus business-unit-level strategy. In your comparison, address the following:

  • How does corporate strategy differentiate from a business-unit-level strategy, including advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • Which approach for diversification
    (related-constrained or related-linked) has the strongest return on
    investment in this case study? Explain, including at least one
    supportive example.
  • In your opinion as an independent scholar, why does
    diversification most often fail to add value? Explain with at least one
    supportive example.
  • What factors should executives consider when making a
    decision to diversify through green field entry over making an
    acquisition? Explain.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source. One Page.

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