Discussion questions 3-6

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Discussion 3

In many of the cases studied thus far, the conflict
situation involves both cultural and economic discrimination. Using the
situation of either the Chechens, Kurds or Uighars, argue the relative
importance of these two types of factors in the conflict.

Discussion 4

How might a peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict affect jihadist network activities?

Discussion 5

Consider the following argument: Immigration must be
limited, especially immigration from non-Western cultures because immigrants
from these backgrounds cannot or will not adapt to Western values.

Discussion 6

You are asked to sign a petition in support of increased
funding for mass transportation passenger screening in the capital city of your
state. You know that funding is limited. Would you support this petition or
would you argue for other programs or argue that no more resources should be
spent for terrorism prevention activities.

Each question needs to be 250 or more with about 3 refrences no need for cover for refrence page please seprate the refrences like Discussion 3    refrences below discussion 4 refrences below and so forth. 

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