Information Technology Database Concepts Using Microsoft Access

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This Assignment requires Microsoft Access, I will attach the Database File as a .zip file that will be needed for completing the assignment


You must have the Access Database system installed for this Assignment. You should have imported the Books2010 database into Access.

For the following Assignment, you will need to use critical thinking to develop a logical solution to each problem below. Using the schema in the Books2010 database, write SQL statements for these questions:

  1. Number of books published by New Moon Books in 2010.
  2. What was the highest royalty paid for a book?
  3. Identify the five Authors made the highest royalty.
  4. Identify the top 10 author lastname title by sales.
  5. Which publishers had sales?
  6. What were the total sales of each publisher?

In a word document copy each of the questions in BOLD.

After each question, place the SQL statement in text.

After the text, place the screen shot of the execution from Access. Start a new page with the next question.

After you develop your statements, compose a short rationale of two to three paragraphs describing how the process you used to identify these solutions, or SQL statements. In your rationale, identify how you were able to define, analyze, and design, or compose the statements. Finally, include a one or two sentence reflection on how you were able to examine the statements afterwards to determine if they were written correctly.

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